Saffle (Volvo B10M-60), Plate number: 114-35 СН

Former job - n/a.

Photo Comments
On the Lenin's street. Here Volvo buses are very seldom, because as opposed to the bulk of the buses that run on the Ring route, priority routes of the bus is number 5 (Market - village Yakovtsy), № 8 (Market - village Voroninа) and number 33 (the village Rassoshentsy - Dendropark).
At the final "Dendropark".
Poltava's dendrological park was laid in the field of battle of Poltava, in April 1962. This is the only landscape park in the city. It is crossed the three beams,where were built four ponds. There are more than 170 species of trees and shrubs in the park, created many types of sites and beautiful places.Also there are arboretum, Lilac Grove. The area of the park is about 140 hectares. Dendro is a monument of landscape art, one of nine demonstration parks in Ukraine. At the end of 2008 through Dendro built a road to the village Yakovtsy.
At number 33 bus go on route the ultimate "Dendropark" street Yakovchanskoy. In addition to this route there is not route traffic on a str Yakovchanskoy.
On the Zenkovskoy street, in front of the area Zygina.
As in many other Volvo buses, there is advertising.
The backdrop of the Museum of Poltava Battle, Shvedskaja mogila str., the village Yakovtsy.
On the route number 5 in the village Yakovtsy.
YMZ T2 #84 & Saffle (Volvo B10M-60) on the street. Octyabrskaya, near the stop "5 school". Historically happened, the buses on five routes did not stop on this bus stop
On Oktyabrskaya street.
Exactly the same place after half year, and in another perspective.

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