Ajokki 5300 (Volvo B10M-60), Plate number: 081-83 СН

Former job - n/a.

Photo Comments
The Frunze street.
Permanent route of this bus - № 19. It's also a "Ring Route", like the number 20, only part of the route takes away from the usual - goes through Yurovka.
The Zenkovskaja street. Quite a rare shot, because on the route number 78 bus that was tested a few days.
The Oktyabrskaja street.
The Oktyabrskaja street. Well, the bus is old,but it looks good: like from the outside and inside, and it will be more than one year on the streets of Poltava.
The Kalinina street, drives to the stop "Motel"
The Kalinina street.

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